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Discover A New Way Of Living Anxiety Free

With Our Coaching you will experience many different techniques that will release Stress from your life,We design a besopke package to suit your particular problem and design it to fit in with your daily life and produce the results you really want.

The New Anxiety Free You

Mind Calm Will Put A Complete Stress Free Course Together to Fit your Specific Needs.

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Here At Mind Calm We Do things Differently!

In our Opinion what we are offering is A Lot different  After Working with a Lot of Anxious and Depressed People we have come up with a programme that has helped around 96% of Patients to cure there Stress related issues completely.

We Offer Coaching that combines many different techniques after a Free Initial Consultation we put every thing together that will personally give you the best results possible to get you finally stress free or at least get to a place where life is no longer a struggle.

After the Free Initial Consultation we can see if we are a good fit for you and Work out the Exact programme for your personal needs as we offer 4 week,8 week and 12 Week Programmes.

On Average you will Receive 2 to 3 Sessions of Nlp and Hypnotherapy,A session of EFT and also recordings to use if required,Tuition on how to use Eft for when you might need it for yourself and a 7 day Plan of Mindfulness and Specific Yogic Breathing Techniques that combined has cured over 96% of our Patients.

We have helped People who have struggled with Anxiety and Depression since they were very young and now they have no problems with it or are living life with a lot less stress and depression.

We dig down to find the Main underlying issue that started the problem and with certain Techniques used we can then remove that trigger and replace it with more positive emotions as well as a lot more coaching to make sure if anything comes up in the future your are ready to deal with it in different ways rather than negatively.

We then work on how you generally think on a day to day basis and give you techniques on how to continue being more positive as well as giving you the tools to remove any uncomfortable feelings.

We have helped a Lot of patients and know 100% that we will be able to help you relieve your issues if you follow are coaching programme as well as support and advise

Mind Calm have around 96% success rate for our clients.

Free Initial Consultation To get the Exact Coaching you need

Look forward to a Life without Anxiety or Depression.

100% Individual Plans for each client after a Initial Free Consultation.

Coaching Tailored to Your Needs

My Life has Changed Completely.

I truly recommend Mind Calm They have helped so much that I no longer suffer with Anxiety and can finally be at ease.